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Here is my port of the allies-only button warclient feature for
S2_1 and later. It has some improvements over the warclient
version, namely that for local games (i.e. games on a forked
server) the feature is hidden, and much improved code comments.

The utility of this feature is in games involving allies; it
prevents you from accidentally revealing your communications
to enemies if you should forget the leading '.' in ally
messages. In short, while the toggle button is set, the default
mode for messages is to send to allies, with public messages
requiring a ':' in front to explicitly make them public
(of course private messages and server commands still work
as expected).

Since this feature is already present in the "warclient" for 2.1: 
I will aim to commit this patch to S2_2 and trunk only, pending
any objections and suggestions for improvement.


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