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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Wed Sep 17 18:55:06 2008]:
> I am running Windows Vista Ultimate and FreeCIV 2.1.6 GTK. When I click on
> the main menu items (i.e File menu item) they will not remain open unless I
> keep the left mouse button pressed down.
> I even uninstalled the program and cleaned out all the files then
> reinstalled to see if it was a problem with the installation but that did
> not appear to help. I haven't tried on a 32bit Vista installation so it
> could be a Vista specific problem rather than a 64/32 bit problem.

Running the same Freeciv version on Vista Home Premium SP1 32bit, I cannot 
reproduce this.

Have you tried other GTK apps on the same system? How about earlier 
versions of Freeciv?


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