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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Tue Aug 19 15:03:19 2008]:
> It seems the Scientists and Taxmen do not place workmen on any city
> tiles when a city grows to the next size (size 1 to 2...); whereas if
> Entertainer is set, it seems to put a worker on a city tile.
> I would think it should be the other way around?

There should really be 4 settings: new citizens become workers
(i.e. work a tile), entertainers, scientists or taxmen.

I have verified that in the current version the "entertainers"
setting behaves like the first one (set to work a tile), with
no way to have new citizens become entertainers. It should not
be too hard to implement this last setting, but given that this
specialist setting feature is not really used that often and
largely superseded by the cma this is not a pressing problem.


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