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Thanks for bringing this to attention. The government
help text buffer was being truncated by a bug that was
introduced in revision 14233 (tickets 40012, 40013)[1].

The attached patch is a minimal fix for the problem, and
also fixes the misleading comment header for the function
insert_allows (which I guess may have contributed to the
original bug).

It would be wonderful if someone could clean up the help
text code to remove static buffers, macros and general
inefficiencies, and make it more translator friendly (i.e.
no stitching together of sentence fragements), but I will
not cry [much] if it does not happen any time soon.

(For bored freeciv-dev lurkers only:)
[1] For a nice WTF compare the patches (du2.14230, du2.14228)
in the aforementioned tickets to the actual changes in r14233
with respect to client/helpdata.c; search string "insert_allows".


diff --git a/client/helpdata.c b/client/helpdata.c
index 1b089a8..84a70a1 100644
--- a/client/helpdata.c
+++ b/client/helpdata.c
@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ static void insert_requirement(struct requirement *req,
-  Append text for what this requirement source allows.  Something like
+  Generate text for what this requirement source allows.  Something like
     "Allows Communism government (with University technology).\n\n"
     "Allows Mfg. Plant building (with Factory building).\n\n"
@@ -226,6 +226,10 @@ static void insert_requirement(struct requirement *req,
   This should be called to generate helptext for every possible source
   type.  Note this doesn't handle effects but rather production
   requirements (currently only building reqs).
+  NB: This function overwrites any existing buffer contents by writing the
+  generated text to the start of the given 'buf' pointer (i.e. it does
+  NOT append like cat_snprintf).
 static void insert_allows(struct req_source *psource,
 			  char *buf, size_t bufsz)
@@ -1301,7 +1305,7 @@ void helptext_government(char *buf, size_t bufsz, struct government *gov,
   /* Effects */
   CATLSTR(buf, bufsz, _("Features:\n"));
-  insert_allows(&source, buf, bufsz);
+  insert_allows(&source, buf + strlen(buf), bufsz - strlen(buf));
   effect_list_iterate(get_req_source_effects(&source), peffect) {
     Output_type_id output_type = O_LAST;
     struct unit_class *unitclass = NULL;
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