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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Tue Sep 30 14:06:10 2008]:
> I'm playing Freeciv 2.1.3, and I've noticed that territory
> that belonged to a player who's now RIP still belongs to
> that player. I had to 'cancel treaty' to move bombers
> over that territory.  Also, my cities cannot use such
> land for resources.  That player (vietnamese) was spawned
> halfway through the game after I conquered a capital,
> maybe that will help narrow it down.

A number of bugs related to borders have been fixed in recent
versions. Try a newer version (i.e. 2.1.6) to see if your
particular bug has been fixed already. If you still have the
same problem, then post the savegame (best would be right
before you make the move that kills the player) and someone
will have a more detailed look.


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