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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Tue Sep 30 20:10:01 2008]:
> No objection from here.
> I spent a fair chunk of time comparing diffs from 2.2 and trunk to see
> if the development branch had any patches that were missing from 2.2.
> I found a few minor ones (all mine IIRC) but eventually bogged down in
> the large diff.  I'd say after another examination of the differences
> if you can't find anything we should feel free to delete & move.
> I'm not at a development box until the 11th when I get back home.
> However if you examine the branches and give the go-ahead I can do the
> SVN operations through the cvs.freeciv.org machine if you like.

One or two weeks wait is fine, it will give people time to pipe
up with some bright ideas if they get any.

Also, I am attaching a diff from S2_2 to trunk (excluding the po/
directory) if anybody cares to examine it as well. It is fairly
readable, as 90% is just deletion/replacement of embassy code.

> For the record, I think the process would be:
> svn delete .../trunk
> svn move .../S2_2 .../trunk
> Does that sound right?

The sequence using delete and move above appears to be the
correct way of doing this, as far as I can tell from the
redbook and various results from a google query for this

> It might be "remove" instead of "delete".

Either is fine, svn allows "mv", "rename" and "ren" as
synonyms for "move", and "del", "remove" and "rm" as
synonyms for "delete".


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