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In the terrain.ruleset file in the default ruleset the lake
terrain type has the field property_ocean_depth = 0. Now when
the ruleset is loaded, terrain types that do not specify this
field have the value also set to zero, so the lake terrain
ends up having the same value of ocean_depth as all other
land terrains.

If ocean_depth is set to 1 though, gen2 places lakes beside
the coast line adjacent to ocean tiles, contrary to the
FreshWater terrain flag.

Also, it is confusing that the lake terrain has the Oceanic
flag in addition to FreshWater. Without looking at the code
it is hard to figure out what these names really mean and
how they interact.

At the moment the current map code and ruleset data just
manage to work together, so this is not that big an issue.
I only wish that the naming scheme and ruleset field
interaction would be clearer, so that ruleset authors and
future programmers do not fall into any traps.


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