Hi Jason, great to see you taking interest in this.

On Fri, 24 Oct 2008, Jason Dorje Short wrote:
> Okay, I admit at the start that I've missed a lot of discussion on
> this, so I may be quite ignorant about what's going on.
> The freeciv-web interface seems conceptually sound, and at least
> partially playable (I haven't played more than a couple turns with
> it).   But where's the code?

The last code can be found at this Google code project:

> In the branches of svn we have an old
> version of it,

Note that the web client has been rewritten since the code was added
to that branch.

> and it looks to me like it works straightforward as
> another gui-xxx directory.  So what's holding us back from integrating
> it into trunk?

It would be certainly possible to integrate the web client into SVN trunk.
The work would consist of:
- Adding the gui-web directory to SVN
- Adding the Java web application (freeciv-web) to SVN somewhere,
- Finding out what has been changed in the client and common directories,
since some changes were neccesary there to make things work.

Other than that, more needs to be done to reduce network latency,
and the amound of data transfered. One thing that I'd like to do,
is to use server-side push (Comet) [1] rather than polling with
Ajax, since this would improve network latancy quite a lot.
By using server-side push for the main update packets, data only has
to be directly transferred from the server to the client.

The lastest playable version can be found here: 
As can be seen from this demo, a lot of work remains, so anyone is
welcome to help out with improvements.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comet_(programming)

   - Andreas

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