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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mon Oct 27 02:12:31 2008]:
>  Is there way to reproduce these with old code? Both 2.1 and TRUNK?

> > - Air patrol doesn't crash any more.

Move a fighter ouside a city and choose a far point to patrol on. The
client dies with:
0: Detected fatal error in goto.c line 1085:
0: No return path found!
civclient: shared.c:754: real_die: Assertion `0' failed.

> > - Way points works as expected.

Far way points couldn't be chosen except if you could arrive there with
0 moves left only. Also long path couldn't use intermediate cities to

> > - Client's goto command forbid to move to dangerous tiles (like it
> > already does for triremes). Using numeric pad can be used instead to
> > reach dangerous positions.

The only things that the old code allowed is that a unit could move to
the half of its moves, ignoring totally its position and the position of
the potential refuel points. If you have a nuke, you could move to 8
tiles then 4, 2, 1, and impossible to move anymore :), whereas there was
1 single moves left.
This patch allow all safe moves, where the unit can finish its turn on a
known refuel point (except carriers unfortunately). Long paths are
possible, using automatically some refuel points.

What could be again improved:
- Maybe carrier should be considered as refuel point, it was written in
the code that they could move so don't be considered as it. However,
other paths can be also wrong (e.g. land unit going to a transporter,
which can have been moves). Moreover, a fighter able to reach a carrier
directly in the turn should be able to use it.
- Maybe add an option to ignore the dangerous positions path in the
client. It could be quite annoying sometimes to don't move where you
want, especially from carriers.

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