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I tested the patch and it works fairly well. It is a big
improvement over the current broken goto for air units, so
I will test it some more and commit it soon if I do not
find anything obviously bad. I found some strange things
while testing which I will describe below and perhaps
leave for future tickets if they cannot be easily fixed
as part of this patch.

I have attached a savegame for ease of testing which
I will refer to below.

Helicopters seem to work only in S2_1. In trunk they still
can only go to "safe" tiles.

The path finding code seems to be unable to find a route
where it has to wait at an intermediate location with
more than 1 move left. For example try making a fighter
go from city A to city C and it finds a very long route
totally in the wrong direction (it should just go via
city B). Using waypoints did not help: setting a waypoint
at city B makes any further route impossible.

It is still impossible to use fighters to attack a target
knowing that they may possibly have no moves to come back,
or a target that is unseen. This occurs frequently in games
and should be made possible somehow.

I could not get patrol to crash, but I could not make it
do anything sensible either. For fighters it seems to do
nothing and for awacs I kept getting the error message
"Orders for AWACS aborted as there are units nearby" (?).
When I finally did make the awacs patrol (it went to a
tile and had the patrol icon), it just returned to refuel
the next turn and did not go out again.

> Maybe carrier should be considered as refuel point, it
> was written in the code that they could move so don't be
> considered as it. However, other paths can be also wrong
> (e.g. land unit going to a transporter, which can have
> been moves). Moreover, a fighter able to reach a carrier
> directly in the turn should be able to use it.

I think carriers should be considered to be a refuel point
(unless they are fully loaded perhaps). It should be the
player's responsibility to not move the carrier before
the fighters have arrived, or to recall the fighters if
the carrier is destroyed.

> Maybe add an option to ignore the dangerous positions
> path in the client. It could be quite annoying sometimes
> to don't move where you want, especially from carriers.

That could be good. Also, it could draw the goto line in
green for "safe" routes, and red for potentially suicidal


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