On 10/27/08, Yoav Luft <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I decided to add a more complex and interesting trade
> system for freeciv. Something much like Civ3 trade system
> with special resources that can be trade and are requisite
> for building certain buildings.  I'm not quite sure how
> it should be done from a the game perspective.
> Please tell if there is some other place more suited for
> this kind of discussion, as I'm rather new to freeciv's
> community.

You will probably get better advice concerning gameplay
mechanics on the forums (http://forum.freeciv.org/). Here
people would normally be more concerned about imple-
mentation details and the like.

Anyway, I think your proposal is interesting and I would
welcome any contribution you can make. Just know that
a feature like the one you describe would be rather
complex to implement, not only in the new code that
would have to be written but also in generalizing the
existing code so that the current behaviour becomes a
configurable subset of the new behaviour. That is to say,
the current "civ2 style" rules should still be possible via
the ruleset/effect system along with your new game
rules. (Well, this is my own principle, so others may of
course argue something different.)

I do not know how skilled you are in programming and
how familiar you are with the current codebase, so I
would suggest that if the answer to either is not very,
then start with something simpler so that you do not get
discouraged banging your head against ugly ten year
old code. ;)


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