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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Tue Oct 28 18:06:54 2008]:
> I really enjoyed FreeCiv and I like the amplio tileset, but
> after a few hours of playing it began to bother me, that
> irrigation and farmland looks exactly the same! I edited
> the tileset with the gimp and attached it to the mail as an
> proposal. Maybe the original author of the amplio tileset
> can adjust the look of farmland in the way I did, because
> I am sure that there are many others with the same problem.

I looked at the old terrain1.png and I suppose one could
mistake the farmland for irrigation, though the farmland has
more water canals in addition to the fields of crops. I then
tried out your new graphics and indeed there is much better
contrast between farmland and irrigation, but farmland does
not contrast very well against plains and grassland. Maybe
the fields of crops could be made less opaque and with sharper
colors so that they stand out better against the terrain on
which they are placed?


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