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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Sun Nov 09 03:10:54 2008]:
> The server crashes with the following message:
> civserver: unithand.c:362: real_unit_change_homecity: Assertion
> `!unit_alive || unit_owner(punit) == city_owner(new_pcity)' failed.
> Load the attached savegame and join as the human player.  There is a
> mech inf. outside an unprotected city.  Move him East to conquer the
> city and the server will promptly crash with the above failed assert.

With the latest S2_1 branch from svn (i.e. 2.1.6 with some
fixes) I do not get the assertion failure. Capturing the
city causes a civil war split but it does not crash. Maybe
you could try upgrading to 2.1.6 and seeing if that helps?

> (OT: the bug tracker says to use [EMAIL PROTECTED], but that
> address bounces)

Unfortunately the person with access to the server where the
tracker is hosted does not seem to have time to notice this
and remove that spurious text. :(


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