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> [book - Wed Nov 12 21:20:16 2008]:
> Fighter type units now pass all my tests, however there seems to
> be a problem with bomber type units. In certain situations the
> path finding code appears to get into an infinite loop (or take
> very very long; I left it for several minutes with no change).
> This can be seen with the airtest savegame if you take a bomber
> in Amsterdam and try to hover a goto beyond its possible range
> (e.g. near Kocevje or near the unknown tiles beside Ormoz). What
> is strange is that a bomber starting in Rotterdam does not make
> the pf code go into the loop; it correctly stops and shows that
> the destination is unreachable in less than a second.

My mistake, I messed up the two queues. It was a infinite loop, assuming
that the best way reach the tile A was from B, and the B from A.

Now, it shouldn't freeze anymore, at least I hope so. :-)

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