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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Wed Nov 19 07:45:23 2008]:
> Marine explorers stop if they try to travel to or trhough a marine 
> tile who's owner is at peace with the unit's owner.
> As a consequence the units are stoped and require player interaction 
> even though there are still unexplored reacheable tiles.

It would be helpful if you could post the savegame where this
behaviour occurs. This will also help others to test whether
your patch fixes it.

> The attached patch should fixe this issue in the vast majority of 
> cases. Only if ai_manage_explorer's best_title isn't reacheable does 
> the explorer stop, even if there are still other unexplored reachable 
> tiles.

The code in the patch seems alright, but the style could be
improved. Please follow the coding style guidelines at:


Basically, just make your code look like the rest of the source
code. In particular:
- Make a comment header for every new function.
- Do not put a space between the pointer star '*' and the
  function argument name.
- Line up multi-line function arguments to one column past the
  '(' after the function name, using spaces.
- Put a space after the 'if' keyword.
- Put a space after the the closing parenthesis of an 'if'
- Do not put a space after the '!' operator.
- Do not use c++ style comments.
- Be sure to use an indentation width of 2 spaces in the code
  that you add.

I realize this is a lot for such a small patch, but most of the
time nobody wants to have to reformat other people's code just
so that they can put it in the repository. And were it to happen
that anybody could use their own style anytime they felt like
it, the source tree would become much harder to maintain over


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