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On Friday 21 November 2008, Madeline Book wrote:
> I did some more investigating in the code and it would seem
> that there is a much simpler way to fix the problem. The
> attached patch makes a one line addition to the tile
> behaviour parameter function no_fights() to make it ignore
> tiles that are part of a territory the player cannot enter
> by treaty. As far as I can tell, this makes auto-explore
> work exactly the same as your patch. I will test it some
> more (as I hope you and others will too) to see if there
> are not any bad side-effects in the AI code, since no_fights
> is used for more than just exploring.

Your no_fights appoach is nice but insufficent.

1) it doesn't work for non_allied_unit_tiles that have only allied 
units on them
2) fails for units that ignore controll zones (e.g. Diplomats)
3) explorer_desirable doesn't check no_fights
4) explorer_desirable fails to handle allied cities

Sample for a pedestrian(? unknown, ~ water, = land, C allied city):


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