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> [book - Mon Dec 01 22:15:19 2008]:
> > [pepeto - Mon Dec 01 07:17:09 2008]:
> > 
> > > [book - Mon Dec 01 03:54:35 2008]:
> > > 
> > > This time when testing I found that bombers when they
> > > have to wait at a tile before doing an attack (i.e.
> > > the attack destination is farther than the bomber's
> > > immediate range), when the bomber does get to the
> > > target instead of attacking it stops with the message
> > > "Orders for bomber aborted as there are units in the
> > > way".
> > 
> > I suppose AI player unit moved on the bomber way.
> I am pretty sure this is not the case. Try it with the
> airtest savegame or just use the editor to create the
> situation. If a fighter or bomber needs more than one
> turn to attack an enemy unit or a non-empty enemy city,
> when it does get to the target it just stops in front
> of it instead of attacking.
> I looked at the code, and perhaps it is the case that
> this is a "feature"? There doesn't seem to exist an
> Well it is a minor thing, and if it would require big
> changes to the order/goto system it should be left for
> another ticket.

The message "Orders for bomber aborted as there are units in the way" is
displayed when the bomber check a new visible unit, in its vision range
and not only in its own path. This should linked with the vigilant flag
of the path, so it's certainly the part of an another ticket (client
problem or feature).

A similar thing also occurs for refueling. Sometimes, the unit stops
before reaching the refuel point when it meets a unit. This is
especially annoying for AWACS with 5 tiles of vision range. This may
constitute a third ticket (server problem).

> > > I also made some minor style changes (but I tested the
> > > above both with and without them, to make sure it was
> > > not caused by them), and I will post the modified
> > > airgoto patch when I cannot find any more oddities. :)
> > 
> > Minor changes ? Did you remove it completly or just forgot to post the
> > patch ? :P
> I didn't post it yet in case the above needed a lot of
> changes to fix. Anyway, it is mostly formatting fixes
> and some other minor improvements. Here I have attached
> the diff from your final airgoto patch (so apply this
> one on top of yours to compile, or just read it to see
> what I have changed).

This looks all ok.

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