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> [chrisk - Wed Dec 03 14:29:56 2008]:
> rev today trunk+fix-player-loading-patch GTK
> After cancelling an alliance with an ai player, I still
> can see into his territory, at least the fog of war is
> not shown on the map during the turn I cancelled the
> alliance. Next turn it looks as expected.

I think this is because the AI does not cancel the
shared vision to you until during the turn change when
it checks its diplomacy state. This is just how it was
coded it would seem (e.g. 2.1 behaves like this too)...

Also, I tried connecting with two clients and using one
to cancel vision to the other: the map was updated and
fog appeared immediately as expected.

Unfortunately there was also an assertion failure in
the client attached to the Slovakian player:

1: 0x90d0cb0 1469 Stealth Fighter at (25,6) Katuri
civclient: packhand.c:2436: handle_tile_info: Assertion `unit_list_size
(ptile->units) == 0' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

which seems to have something to due with the fact
that the server fogs the tile for this client before
it tells it to remove all units there.

I tried disbanding the listed units but it would just
fail on others, though they all seem to be "stealth"
units. Perhaps there is something wrong in the vision
handling for such invisible units... :?


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