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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Thu Dec 04 02:29:24 2008]:
> The font inside of the freeciv Help Browser is unreadable.
> Since this might be hard to fix on just one OS, could you
> add a plus/minus font size button(s)?

There is a font changing interface in the font tab of local
options, but this is only in freeciv 2.2. To change the font
sizes in prior versions, you need to edit a file called
".freeciv.rc-2.0" (yes with a . in front). For example to
change the size of the help text font you would find the
style block called "help_text" and change the font_name
field to "Monospace 14".

Unfortunately I do not know where the .freeciv.rc-2.0 is
installed to on OSX, though you can probably easily find
it by searching using its name.

Maybe the default font sizes should be increased, since I
too find the small fonts very annoying.


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