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> [tarw...@gmail.com - Thu Dec 04 23:44:45 2008]:
> Will do. I'll look again for the font tab. If not I should easily 
> that file. I tried searching the bug tracker first but couldn't 
> it out. I think I was just tired. Sorry to waste your time.
> Samuel Dillow

I'm looking at your screenshot and it looks to me that the fond is not 
just small, but garbled in other ways as well.

Some questions: Does it look the same every time you enter the help 
browser, or just some times randomly? Are you running the official Mac 
package of Freeciv, or do you compile it yourself from sources? Do you 
know what version of GTK you're using.

I've seens something similar on my old iBook, but I always thought it 
was caused by the old version of GTK (2.4) I was using.

Prelimiarily assigned bug to the Mac package manager.


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