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> [arch.and...@mail.ru - Sun Dec 14 11:38:50 2008]:
> Good day!
> Today I'm upgraded to new version of freeciv (2.1.8)
> and server begins disconnecting my client with this message
> 2: Lost connection: Andrey from localhost [...]
> 1: cut connection [...] due to huge send buffer (2)
> No other technical information received or displayed on
> the screen.

I'm not sure how that particular error condition could have
been triggered, though it could be due to some changes I made
trying to fix other connection related bugs.

What system are you running on (e.g. windows, linux, osx, etc.)
and what exactly are you doing to cause the error to occur?
Are you trying to start a new local game, or connecting to
some server on the internet? Also, does the error always occur,
or only sometimes?


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