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> [guest - Mon Dec 15 08:24:56 2008]:
> > [book - Mo 10. Nov 2008, 01:16:10]:
> > 
> > > [guest - Sun Nov 09 12:02:10 2008]:
> > > 
> > > This is still an issue. A lot of netbooks have a 1024x600
> > > resolution on which freeciv is unplayable. Please consider
> > > making the interface work on those screens.
> > 
> > Could you be more specific about what makes it unplayable,
> > for example what client you are using and what parts of the
> > interface do not fit correctly.
> I'm not the guest above, but i have the same problem:
> If I want to start a new game there is a dialog where i
> can configure my opponents and set game parameters. The
> dialog buttons are not reachable with 600 pixels height.
> On the other hand on my Nokia N800 with 800x480 px
> resolution there is a good freeciv port...
> Are there special configuration files or parameter i can
> use to solfe this issue?

No, the basic widget layout is hard-coded in the program.

Alright, I will assume that this is a problem with the gtk
version, specifically that the way the widgets are packed
and/or set to minimum sizes prevents the entire window from
being resized down to fit on your display. I'll see about
reworking the gui layout code so that resizing is at least

In the meantime you could try the sdl gui and play with its
video options to see if you can make the game playable on
your display.

> Btw. how i can create an account for this bug tracker?

That's only really useful if you plan on handling bug reports
or submitting sizable contributions (and I do not have access
to grant you the priveleges anyway). Just use the bug report
email address or the guest account listed on bugs.freeciv.org.


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