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> [jesdisci...@gmail.com - Wed Dec 10 05:04:53 2008]:
> I was fairly late in a game yesterday and had noticed
> that the game slowed as its state got more complex.
> During the AI's turn, the window would gray to indicate
> such, and changes with large ramifications (mainly changing
> governors) took a long time to process.  I was in the
> Cities report, changing the governors of several cities;
> when I was done, I noticed a tab handle with no label or X.
> I clicked it to see what it was, and the game crashed.
> I restarted Freeciv and found my game safely tucked away
> in an autosave (whew!); I didn't experience any symptoms
> of the crash.
> I saw a blank tab handle again today, once again late in
> the game and preceded by the same symptoms.  Except this
> time I was already in the tab; it was the Research report.
> I clicked where the X should have been and nothing
> happened.  I saved my game and changed to View, then back
> to Research.  The game crashed, so I started Freeciv up
> again and found my save.  But this time, I experienced
> another bug; I'll send it after this one and name it "Bug:
> crash causes loss of automatic movement deference".
> Update: I experienced this again in 2.1.8. This time, I
> switched to View and back to the offending tab (Diplomacy)
> and didn't experience a crash - although the problem wasn't
> fixed and the operation slowed the game. Doing the same
> thing later caused a crash. I've attached a screenshot of
> the original situation.

First of all, the AI's "turn" actually happens when the
server is doing all of the turn update calculations.
Normally you should not be able to do anything during this
time (at least, I assume that is the case).

I am guessing because the server was in the middle of
sending you updated state information when you used the
various dialogs, the inconsistent state confused and
crashed your client. So until the exact cause of the crash
can be located (e.g. with a backtrace) I would suggest not
using the game dialogs "between" turns (wait until the
turn counter/year advances and civserver stops using all
the CPU cycles).


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