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> [bvanev...@gmail.com - Mon Dec 15 02:25:20 2008]:
> In civclient 2.1.7, a random city name was generated, "Perpiny[X]".
> The [X] stands for some weird graphic of a presumably unprintable
> character.  Clicking on this city crashes both civclient 2.1.7 and
> 2.1.8 on Windows Vista SP1.  I've attached a saved game file,
> "garbagechar," that reproduces the problem.

Somehow or another, the city name in the save file got turned
into the invalid utf8 sequence "Perpiny<c3>". When this game
is loaded there are numerous gtk error messages about invalid
utf8 and the widgets that are supposed to display the city
name are blank.

Now I looked in the catalan ruleset file where this city name
is defined and there it is correctly "Perpiny<c3><a0>".

I also tried starting a new game (in trunk though) and making
Catalan cities with the editor until Perpinya was created,
then saving, quitting, and reloading the game. The save file
contained the valid utf-8 and the loaded game had the right

Then I checked the saving and loading code, and as far as I
can see it should work regardless of the encoding (so it does
not seem likely it chopped off the last byte or something like

So my best guess is that somehow the contents of the save file
got munged into the present state (invalid utf8) outside of
freeciv. Are you sure you did not open and re-save it in an
editor or something like that?


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