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> [bvanev...@gmail.com - Wed Dec 17 03:17:43 2008]:
> On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 8:25 PM, Madeline Book
> <madeline.b...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > So my best guess is that somehow the contents of the save file
> > got munged into the present state (invalid utf8) outside of
> > freeciv. Are you sure you did not open and re-save it in an
> > editor or something like that?
> I did not.  Any munging was accomplished by Freeciv.  Could be as
> simple as a string pointer error somewhere, given that the bizarre
> character is at the end of the string.

Yes unfortunately that the particular character is at the
end of the string does not help to narrow down the cause.

By the way, do you play with the "prompt for city names"
local option enabled? And if so, does it still make the bad
city name if you turn it off?

Also, what happens when you play a nation like Brazillian
or Turk? Do the utf8 characters in the start or middle of
the city names get corrupted too?

How about if you edit the save game manually and put in
the missing <a0> (that's the character with value 0xa0,
or 160 in decimal). What happens if you load the game

Or what if you just paste in "Perpinyà" into the city
name suggestion popup or when renaming the city, what
does that do (hopefully not just rejected by the

Finally, if you were to play as the Catalan nation using
the sdl gui and build cities until you get "Perpinyà"
suggested, would the name get garbled?

I would run these test myself, but on linux they all pass. :(

> I don't know if it's related, but Freeciv GTK consistently
> fails on Vista after the game has been going a long time.
> The GUI windows change colors and become illegible like
> they're being bitblitted incorrectly, then civclient
> freezes.

Maybe GDI objects are being leaked and running out, as was
once suggested in a forum posting regarding the freeland
tileset. :)

> For this reason I always play with "set saveturns 1".
> After such a failure, I can always load the most recent
> autosaved game.  I haven't submitted the bug because I
> don't have a deterministic reproducer for it.  I just
> know that it will happen after several hours of play.
> I guess my point is, Freeciv can munge things.

Well, on windows we have the added joy of dealing with
problems caused by incompatibilities or deficiencies in
the gtk libraries used to build the executables. So in
cases like this it is possible that the origin of the bug
lies in vista "features" or the win32 gtk code (as much
as I would prefer it to be in freeciv, since then I could
actually fix it).


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