I've written a little patch to the stable tree, as a way to acquaint
myself with the code of freeciv.
The patch adds the new functionality of plagues to game, which are
determined randomly based on the size, pollution, improvements and
trade routes of a city.
The patch segfaults on me. I get that massage:
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x000000000041bd7d in pay_for_units (pplayer=0x861e18, pcity=0x1890fc0)
    at ../utility/speclist.h:110
110       return genlist_size(tthis->list);

it only happens when the game.info.plague_on is true, but I do not
understand what genlist_size() does, or where and why it is called. It
is my first attempt at adding code to freeciv, and I've spent some
nights trying to understand what went wrong, but I'm kinda clueless.
I guess it's not a bug, but rather a I didn't do something they it
should be done, but I could find what that is.

Attached is the patch.
I will appreciate any help, even in explaining me what genlist_size does.


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