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> > I must say that this only happens on Windows GTK2 client...
> > not on gtk2 linux client...
> So it's probably an #ifdef in a name generation string handler.  Ring
> any bells anyone?

The name generation does not work that way. The server
reads the city name suggestions from the nation ruleset
file on startup and sends city name suggestions to the
name is passed on to gtk code that puts it into the
entry box. The only assumptions this code makes is that
the string is NULL terminated and less than 32 bytes in
length, which is the case with "Perpinyà" (even garbled)
from what I can tell from the savefile.

What I suspect is that when the string is placed into the
entry box, gtk tries to convert it to an encoding other
than utf-8, or chops off the last character resulting
in the invalid utf-8.

This could be proven if you turn off the "prompt for city
name" option and build a city with the Perpinya settler.
If the name is not garbled and the program does not
crash then we would know it is a problem with the string
being put into the entry, and hence a bug in the particular
gtk libraries used by the freeciv exe on windows.

You could also try inputting other valid utf-8 (e.g. my
sig) into the name suggestion box, the city rename popup,
or just the chat input line to see what it does. On linux
these all work fine, so they should too on windows.


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