On 12/27/08, Piotr Budny <piotr.bu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> After starting the game, I move my pawns, when the turn ends, and starting
> new, the server hangs up.
> I'm using PLD Linux, 2.1.8 freeciv.
> [...]
>> civserver: cityturn.c:276: auto_arrange_workers: Assertion
> `cmr.found_a_valid' failed.

Thanks for the bug report, this has recently been reported
by other users and I started a bug tracker ticket at:

Please post any new information to that page (I will copy this
message there).

I'm starting to suspect that it might be a compiler bug (we've
had problems before due to code not working when compiled
with gcc 4.x optimizations). What version of gcc are you using,
and do you know if the freeciv binary you are using was
compiled with -O2 (or more)?

If you have some time it would help my debugging too if you
could confirm whether the 2.1.8 sources in


when compiled with with or without --enable-debug and with
or without optimizations (-O0 that's big oh, zero) or with an
earlier gcc (e.g. 3.x).


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