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> All - my work domain has changed to beatport.com, however, the rest of
> the email address remains the same.

This bug has been open since May of '06.  Is anyone taking my offer to
assist moving from RT to Bugzilla seriously?  If not, please close this

I believe this is the best way I can contribute now to the development
of Freeciv - by providing what I feel is a far superior issue tracking
system with much better search capabilities and more transparency to
help encourage developer participation (even new developers).  If you
use Eclipse as your development environment, it has support for task
management (via Mylyn) directly in Bugzilla.

I might be willing to assist in Freeciv code development, but at this
point, I'd want to use an issue tracking system that supports me as both
a user and a developer.  From my perspective, RT is not designed for
software development projects.  Bugzilla is.

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