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In 2.1.7, I am not able to look at where trade is coming from any
longer.  The same is true in 2.1.8.  There are times when I want to see
what cities are trading with a particular city so I know whether or not
I would like to make new trade routes.

The best way I can tell how effective a particular city's trade is
working is to see 1) what cities are trading with this city, what is the
distance to that city, and 3) what's the value of trade coming from each
of those cities.  So, if three of the four allocated trade cities (yuck
on the limit, but I can live with it) are producing lots of trade, but
one is barely producing or not producing at all, I want to make sure I'm
aware of it so I can change my trade accordingly.

What would be most helpful is to be able to produce a report like this:

Home City           Trading With       Dist   Gold v
+ Washington (11)   --- 2 Cities ---    73     11
- New Orleans (8)   --- 3 Cities ---    47      9
                    Paris (5)           27      6
                    Washington (11)     12      3
                    Boston (3)           8      0
+ Atlanta (2)       --- 1 City ---       5      0
+ Boston (3)        --- 1 City ---       8      0

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