I am looking for the source code to produce the Windows Installer.
Specifically with the GTK2 client.  I look through the source tarball
I downloaded and I don't find it.  I was able to successfully build
Freeciv in a MSYS environment, but the installation is stuck in that
environment, dependent on the user running MSYS.  I want all the .dlls
to get installed in the app directory so that it's standalone, so that
I can test how it would behave for a Windows end user.  I figure
someone has already got those sources / scripts somewhere, they are
just not in source control?

It would be nice to have them publically available so that other
people can reproduce and test the build.  I know you Unixen are used
to having every single imaginable library as a readily installed
package and centrally shared for all apps, but Windows culture is
exactly the opposite.  No packages for open source libraries, no
sharing, every app replicates its own libraries and doesn't trust
anyone else to provide versions of them.  Sure there is Cygwin but
that's not Windows.  I did get a MinGW/MSYS build system together,
with a fair amount of manual labor installing libraries.  Actually I
updated the Install-Windows wiki page a bit, if anyone noticed.
http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Install-Windows  Mostly, life is easier
if you grab the all-in-one GTK+ stack.

Brandon Van Every

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