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> [matthias.pfaffer...@mapfa.de - Fri Jan 02 21:15:47 2009]:
> This patch adds the possibility to randomize the lists used by
> freeciv.

I think array_shuffle() would be better placed in utility/
shared.[ch], since it is useful for more than just genlists,
and shared.h already has some array related stuff.

Also, it should probably use myrand() from utility/rand.[ch]
instead of the system rand(). This will make it possible to
reproduce the same "random" behavior via seed parameters
(e.g. mapseed, gameseed), which helps in debugging.

Lastly, the two "for" lines in genlist_shuffle() are missing
some spaces. ;)

> I also replace the randomize algorithm in server/
> plrhand.c:shuffle_players().



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