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> [bart.demey...@esperanto.be - Thu Jan 08 20:11:15 2009]:
> freeciv version 2.1.5
> Ubuntu 8.10
> In my first cities I build first a granary, when I afterwords
> build a settler my food is for example 5/20, while it should
> at least be 10/20. When the city grows, it rightfully goes to
> 15/30.

A granary only half-fills city food stock when the city grows
or shrinks due to food. As far as I know, it has no effect when
settlers are produced/added, citizens die during an attack, etc.
This is just the way the game rules are implemented (I checked
back as far as 2.0).

I suppose the granary help text is a little misleading in this
respect, and could be clarified...


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