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2009/1/8 Madeline Book:
> It would be nice if one could do
> for player in game:players() do
>  print player:name()    -- or whatever
> end
> Lua has a lot of great features for implementing iteration
> cleanly and efficiently: closures, generic for, coroutines,
> and object oriented syntax (see http://www.lua.org/pil/).
> It would be a shame not to make the best use of them. ;)

 True, but that does sounds more like 2.3 stuff. I don't see it
happening in 2.2 timeframe.

 I'm somewhat undecided if we should just not include any iteration
support at all at 2.2, or should we include something like my patch
for situations where modder desperately needs at least some kind of
iteration support.

 - ML

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