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2009/1/12 Christian Knoke:
> Christian Knoke wrote on Jan 11, 10:34 (-0800):
>> SVN trunk current gtk2
>> The borders bug (territory just conquered is not available for cities) has
>> become even worse since very recent. GTK2 restart doesn't help anymore.
> Its threefold. First, the tile ownership of the the sourroundings of cities
> is computed false, in case a) the enemy builds new cities in the near of my
> border. Then he gets tiles he shouldn't get and my cities starve.
> b) when I conquer cities, the do not get tiles they should have, and starve.
> Second, conquered cities cannot even use the tiles they own, sometimes. The
> CMA does not use them, and clicking on city center in city report doesn't
> either. This can be solved by restarting the gtk client.
> The case 1 a) has been worsed since 2 days or so. Cities doesn't have the
> tiles they should have, after conquering them, even if I own the complete
> island they are on.

 I failed to reproduce 1a & 1b. Do you have savegames to reproduce them?
 1a) savegame just before new city is built
 1b) savegame just before city is conquered

 - ML

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