I have been trying the 2.1 client (r15425) in multiplayer games as well as
talking with players and reading forum postings, and I have to agree that
the client is hard (if not impossible) to use to play well. There are a number
of annoying behaviours that constantly get in the way, taking away time
and enjoyment needlessly.

(See for example: http://forum.freeciv.org/viewtopic.php?t=5756 )

The server also poorly supports multiplayer games, making it hard for
players to organize games fairly and efficiently.

Although I seem to recall the "policy" that no new features be allowed into
the 2.1 branch (only bugfixes), I would propose that basic usability features
that have been tried, tested and found to be good in warclient/warserver be
allowed to be ported and integrated into the S2_1 branch. This is in
preference to having a "2.1 warclient" of custom player patches so we
don't repeat the annoying "fork" situation as happened with 2.0.

Of course I will submit each feature in its own ticket, and if the code is
found to be dubious or the change undesirable we can omit it or postpone
it until 2.2.

I would hope that in 3-4 weeks we can release 2.1.9 and it would be
close to as playable as warclient is on 2.0.


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