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Now I've gone through countless old website news items, mailing list 
messages, forum posts, and readmes to figure out when and by who all the 
tilesets were published.

I could identify 13 tilesets that could be regarded as original work. The 
remaining 15 are derived from these original 13.

The original 13 tilesets with proof for GPL license:

* amplio - notice embedded in raster image
* blend64 - COPYING in tarball
* cartography - author's statement in forum post: http://forum.freeciv.org/
* chess - no proof yet. I'm emailing with the author.
* classic - notice embedded in raster image
* ddb - no proof yet. Uploaded to freeciv ftp in 1999.
* engels - notice embedded in raster image
* freeland - readme in tarball
* hires - notice embedded in raster image
* isophex - notice embedded in raster image
* r-hires! - COPYING in tarball
* stratege - readme in tarball
* trident - notice embedded in raster image

And these are the 15 derivative tilesets:

classic based
* brunus

engels based
* dwp
* isoengels

hires based
* ft
* r-hires

trident based
* bigisotrident
* bigtrident
* dizzy
* hex2t
* isotrident
* jrr
* mono
* neotrident
* tinydent
* ttrident

In the attached list of authors, the person who published the original or 
revision of) the derivative work is listed with year of publishing.

Hope this information will make it possible for you to create Debian packages 
these tilesets!

TODO: Do the same research for modpacks and maps/scenarios.


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