At the suggestion of a developer known as "book", I am submitting details on
a project I've begun involving FreeCiv. Essentially, it is an offline game
manual. The intended scope for now is everything single-player and default,
which means there will be nothing on the server or customized rulesets, etc.
What makes this manual unique is that I am enhancing it by adding historical
content: every technology, unit, improvement and wonder will have a blurb on
its historical counterpart, with plans to (after a small break on my part)
add in blurbs on all default nations as well (sans the fictional ones).
Currently, I am in the process of copying all the information from ther Game
and Client Manuals. After all that the real fun begins, as I add in
historical information taken from Wikipedia, but put into my own words. In
addition, I see the Client manual needs updating, if only for some better
pictures (the current ones don't do justice to how beautiful the default
client is, now).

I will be providing the "source code" to this project in the form of an ODT
file, but the manual itself will be PDF (I think it suites the project
rather well). It is my hope, in time, for the manual to expand to include
the server stuff, a section on customization, and a "tips" section, for new
players. I won't be involved in any of those things, but I fully intend to
give this project a good shove out the door. The only thing I need from the
FreeCiv community on this is some interest in the project, and some critical
review when I'm done. That's it. No other resources are required on your
part, except that I hope whoever I give this to would host it so people can
use it, if they choose (or just incorporate what is desirable into the
wiki). Not a bad deal, huh?
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