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I'm using freeciv-2.1.8-1.fc10.i386 from Fedora 10, and it disconnects
from the server (because the server is crashing) as soon as I make a
city, and sometimes when exploring a village (presumably when that
village ends up being a friendly city).  This make it rather difficult
to play.  Output from the server looks like this:

2: (1) chris: connection request [localhost]
2: (1) chris: connected [localhost]
2: Removing player AI7.
Starting game.
2: K'uk B'alam rules the Mayas.
2: Hirohito rules the Japanese.
2: Alexandru cel Bun rules the Romanians.
2: Chandragupta rules the Indians.
2: Valuka rules the Slovenians.
2: Svend Tveskæg rules the Danes.
2: Charlemagne rules the French.
> civserver: cityturn.c:276: auto_arrange_workers: Assertion 
> `cmr.found_a_valid' failed.

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