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> [book - Sat Mar 07 20:30:02 2009]:
> > [joan.cr...@gmail.com - Sat Mar 07 18:28:20 2009]:
> > 
> > While updating my translation, I have noticed that a few
> > new strings in text.c had a double singular/plural form,
> > but the plural one was the same as the singular.
> >
> > The sentences were about "%d turns cease-fire"
> >
> > Patch included, in case you feel it should be
> > committed. Freeciv.pot should be updated, too.
> Thanks for noticing the typos and making a patch. I must
> have made the mistakes when copying the new code; I'll
> commit your fix as soon as possible.

I checked the original (before my recent popit text patch)
and it too had "N turn cease-fire" (N > 1). I think in
English saying "5 turn cease-fire" is grammatically fine,
at least I gather as much from my gut instinct. I assume
the reason this string was wrapped in PL_() was for other
languages for which some part of the phrase might need to
be modified for N > 1.

So unless someone can convince me that indeed "5 turns
cease-fire" is more correct according to some rule of
English grammar, I will keep the current strings as they


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