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> Hello there!
> What is a difference between "trunk" branch and "S2_1" branch?

Experimental and not completely finalized changes go to trunk only.
The S2_1 branch has to stay backwards compatible with older 2.1
clients, so usually only bug fixes are applied there. Lately I have
also been porting basic multiplayer usability features from the 2.0
warclient project to the S2_1 branch, so that users will be less
inclined to make their own "warclients" for 2.1.

> I am interesting because "trunk" branch have more nations than "S2_1".
> When nations from "trunk" will be appears in "S2_1" or maybe in
> "S2_2"? How it will be?

Nations are actually a part of the ruleset, so any server operator can
add them to his servers. However clients without those nation flag
graphics will see question mark flags instead, which can be very
annoying if there are many such nations. This is the reason the extra
nations are not in the S2_1 branch.

> Where I can read about it? Can't find anything helpful on the site.

It is discussed on the freeciv-dev and freeciv-maintainers mailing
lists. It is generally not important to know unless you have write
access to the repository.


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