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> [bjo...@gmail.com - Fri Mar 13 06:20:47 2009]:
> Couldn't crash it anymore, used to do it 95% of the time (was using
> amplio and yellow freeciv theme too).
> Thanks for fixing it. I hope it wouldn't be too much to ask, but can
> you test the turn done blinking again with your new gtk ?
> http://forum.freeciv.org/viewtopic.php?p=23136#23136

With gtk 2.14.7 the button blinking works. Here is what I

1. Started a server.
2. Started a client and connected to the server.
3. Started another client with different user name and
4. Started the game.
5. Pressed turn done in the first client.

Now the turn done button in the second client starts
blinking. If the above doesn't work for you, there is
probably something wrong with your gtk (I would suggest


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