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> [jo...@edenfoundation.org - Mon Mar 23 00:06:38 2009]:
> Hi,
> Was looking at this page:
> http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40274
> and wondering what I should do if I want to play Freeciv online.
> Is there a public freeciv server here, and how should I proceed
> to log in?
> If I type in guest as username when connecting to the server,
> I get the reply that "Guests are not allowed on this server".

For your first login, just type in the username that you want.
If nobody else is using that name already, it will prompt you
to enter a new password, and to confirm the same password again.
If you are unlucky and someone else already has that name, you
will just get a password prompt. In that case you will have to
pick a different name.


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