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On 05/04/2009, Madeline Book <madeline.b...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 05/04/2009, Daniel Markstedt <markst...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Madeline, maybe you could point out a few specific highlights with the
>> release? :)
> Although numerous bugs affecting all the clients and the server have been
> fixed, the main improvements have been for the gtk2 client.
> The most user visible changes are to the gui layout (almost all windows
> will now fit on an 800x600 display) and optimizations in the drawing code
> which make map interactions more responsive (for example using the
> selection rectangle or viewing goto lines).
> Of the many feature additions, about half are from ideas suggested by
> users on the forum or in multiplayer games, and half adapted from code
> originally in the warclient project (the unofficial multiplayer freeciv).
> All
> such features are disabled by default so as not to unduly disturb single-
> player users. They can be enabled in the interface tab in local options,
> where they also have detailed tooltips.
> Among these features, perhaps the most radical is the option to disable
> unit order clearing on selection. This is a depature from the behaviour
> of all previous freeciv versions (as far as I know) and gives units a more
> consistent RTS style of handling.
> Another nice optional change is to have the lower chat message area
> split between chat messages and event messages, so that the user does
> not have to manually switch tabs to view changes in either of them. It
> is a minor GUI convenience, but it saves a lot of tedious tab switching
> over the course of a game.
> Although the forum is currently in a less than usable state, I hope to get
> more user feedback about the new changes in 2.1.9 and also further
> suggestions about improvements that could be incorporated into 2.1.10.
> There is a lot of good stuff already planned for the next 2.1 releases and
> the future 2.2 versions, so ideally freeciv development may resume in
> full force once the current hosting problems are resolved.
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