On 09/04/2009, Raahul Kumar <raahul_da_...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've experienced an extremely strange bug that I cannot track down the cause
> of. Any game that is started, find a grasslands shield resource. That shield
> resource will disappear if a savegame is loaded. I am not sure what this is
> a bug in. No other resources disappear, only grasslands shields. The square
> that previously claimed grassland(resource)2/1/0 will become just grassland
> 2/0/0. The two grasslands squares near Tokyo are a good example, here today,
> gone tomorrow.
> This only happens after reloading a game, if a game is just continually
> played through, no grassland squares disappear. I suspect the problem is in
> either saving or loading the game.

I'll check it out. It could be related to S_RESOURCE_VALID, though I
am not sure why only grassland shields would be affected.

> I also cannot log in to RT with guest/viceerf, so I hope someone will give
> me a RT login when they fix the website problems.

Until the guest login is fixed you can just send an email to the bug reporting
address shown in the image in the top left on bugs.freeciv.org to create a new
ticket. For this issue I have already copied your message into a new ticket at:



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