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I have confirmed the bug and after further testing I have
determined that all resources using the 'update22two' field
in the default terrain.ruleset file are affected.

> [guest - Fri Apr 10 20:27:31 2009]:
> The issue is caused by the server/savegame.c code
> considering the dev version 2.1.99 to be a 2.1 instead of
> a 2.2.
> Resource identifiers are then converted when loading a
> 2.1.99 game, but they shouldn't be as they're already
> using 2.2 identifiers.
> I've attached a patch. I've quickly checked Tundra/Furs,
> and the resource now remains after loading a 2.1.99 game,
> while it disappeared without the patch.
> - Stéphane Messerli

Thank you for examining the problem and providing a patch.
I have tried your patch and it does appear to fix the issue,
so I will commit the changes soon.

I am not sure if the whole update22 system should kept. It
appears terribly hackish with the hard-coded version numbers
and ruleset names (why should the default ruleset ever care
about savegames in the civ1 or civ2 rulesets?). I am thinking
that perhaps the resource identifiers should be changed back
to remove the need for the update22* fields, or the entire
identifier system replaced by something more robust (e.g. a
dictionary mapping identifiers to resource names included in
the ruleset definition).


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