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The issue is caused by the server/savegame.c code considering the dev
version 2.1.99 to be a 2.1 instead of a 2.2.

Resource identifiers are then converted when loading a 2.1.99 game, but
they shouldn't be as they're already using 2.2 identifiers.

I've attached a patch. I've quickly checked Tundra/Furs, and the
resource now remains after loading a 2.1.99 game, while it disappeared
without the patch.

- St├ęphane Messerli


> [book - Jeu. Avr. 09 23:54:45 2009]:
> Hi,
> I've experienced an extremely strange bug that I cannot track down the 
> cause of. Any game that is started, find a grasslands shield resource. 
> That shield resource will disappear if a savegame is loaded. I am not 
> sure what this is a bug in. No other resources disappear, only 
> grasslands shields. The square that previously claimed grassland
> (resource)2/1/0 will become just grassland 2/0/0. The two grasslands 
> squares near Tokyo are a good example, here today, gone tomorrow.
> This only happens after reloading a game, if a game is just continually 
> played through, no grassland squares disappear. I suspect the problem 
> is in either saving or loading the game.
> I also cannot log in to RT with guest/viceerf, so I hope someone will 
> give me a RT login when they fix the website problems.
> Aloha,
> RK.

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