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> add an effect which changes shield upkeep to gold upkeep; it is activated
> if 'The Corporation' is researched
> depends on ticket 40619, 40759, 40760
> compile tested and also with a short game

In this patch the effect EFT_SHIELD2GOLD_FACTOR is defined to

a) activate the conversion shield upkeep => gold upkeep and
b) give the factor for the conversion

It is activated by the tech 'The Corporation'

As the upkeep factor for gold is not used till now, this could be splitted to

1) EFT_SHIELD2GOLD(_FACTOR) => activate the conversion [0/1]
2) EFT_UPKEEP_FACTOR[O_GOLD] => define the conversion factor

The following effects would be possible:

- researching 'The Corporation' activates the conversion
        (1 shield => 1 gold)
- researching 'Labor Union' increases the upkeep factor by 1
        (1 shield => 2 gold)

- the factor can be changed independently from the (de)activation
- taking into account the next patch (40762) the conversion can be limited to 
certain units

- if there are units with gold upkeep, the factor will also be applied to them

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