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There have been some typos (mainly in city names) in some of these
nations that have been annoying me for a while, so I've fixed those and
checked all the rest of the city names (mostly against no less an
authority than Wikipedia).

These changes should all be fairly uncontroversial. (I'm open to being
corrected that Jonath*e*n Trelawny really is spelled thus despite what
Google says, but I'm pretty sure that no Scottish towns should properly
be spelled with StudlyCaps.)

Patch is against S2_1, but also applies cleanly to current trunk.

I may also have a go at adding some more cities and adding terrain
affinities to some of these nations, but that'd be in a separate ticket.

Index: data/nation/scottish.ruleset
--- data/nation/scottish.ruleset        (revision 15659)
+++ data/nation/scottish.ruleset        (working copy)
@@ -36,11 +36,11 @@
 "Edinburgh", "Glasgow (river)", "Aberdeen (ocean, river)", 
 "Perth (river)", "Dundee (ocean, river)", "Stirling (hills)", 
 "Inverness (river)", "Hamilton", "Motherwell", "Dunfermline", "Falkirk",
-"Kilmarnock", "Dumfries (river)", "Eastkilbride (hills)", "Coatbridge 
+"Kilmarnock", "Dumfries (river)", "East Kilbride (hills)", "Coatbridge 
 "Dumbarton (ocean)", "Irvine (ocean, river)", "Lanark (river)", 
 "St Andrews (ocean,river)", "Kirkcaldy (ocean)", "Fort William (ocean)", 
-"Bathgate", "Cumbernauld", "PortGlasgow (ocean)", "Johnstone",
-"Livingstone (river)", "Lockerbie", "Oban (ocean)", "Leven (ocean)",
+"Bathgate", "Cumbernauld", "Port Glasgow (ocean)", "Johnstone",
+"Livingston (river)", "Lockerbie", "Oban (ocean)", "Leven (ocean)",
 "Paisley (ocean, river)", "Peterhead (ocean)", "Prestwick (ocean)",
 "Stranraer (ocean)", "Airdrie (hills)", "Troon (ocean)", "Ullapool (ocean)", 
 "Ayr (ocean, river)", "Aviemore (mountains)", "Lerwick (ocean)", 
@@ -53,12 +53,12 @@
 "Mallaig (ocean)", "Braemar (hills)", "Jedburgh (river)", "Alloa (river)",
 "Newton Stewart (river)", "Wigtown", "Girvan (ocean, river)", 
 "Fort Augustus (ocean, river)", "Arbroath (ocean)", "Bothwell (river)", 
-"Granton on spey (river)", "Shotts (hills)", "Dornoch (ocean)",
-"Kinghorn (ocean)", "ColdStream (river)", "Eyemouth (ocean, river)",
+"Grantown-on-Spey (river)", "Shotts (hills)", "Dornoch (ocean)",
+"Kinghorn (ocean)", "Coldstream (river)", "Eyemouth (ocean, river)",
 "Wishaw", "Kirkwall (ocean)", "Haddington (grassland)", "Strathavon (river)", 
 "Glencoe (river, hills)", "Rothesay (ocean)", "Lennoxtown (hills)", 
 "Biggar (grassland)", "Culross (ocean)", "Gourock (ocean)",
-"Newcastleton (hills)", "Durness (ocean)", "Boness (ocean)",
+"Newcastleton (hills)", "Durness (ocean)", "Bo'ness (ocean)",
 "Fraserburgh (ocean)", "Nairn (ocean, river)", "Grangemouth (ocean, river)", 
 "Annan (ocean, river)", "Darvel (hills)", "Huntly (hills)",
 "Inverurie (river)", "Thornhill (hills)", "Peebles (river)", 
Index: data/nation/welsh.ruleset
--- data/nation/welsh.ruleset   (revision 15659)
+++ data/nation/welsh.ruleset   (working copy)
@@ -36,8 +36,8 @@
 cities =
   "Cardiff", "Swansea", "Newport", "Barry", "Port Talbot", "Carmarthen",
-  "Caerphily", "Methyr Tydfil", "Pembroke", "Fishguard", "Aberystwyth",
-  "Lampeter", "Llandovery", "Brecon", "Flint", "Caemarfon", "Llanfyllin",
+  "Caerphilly", "Merthyr Tydfil", "Pembroke", "Fishguard", "Aberystwyth",
+  "Lampeter", "Llandovery", "Brecon", "Flint", "Caernarfon", "Llanfyllin",
   "Holyhead", "Tywyn", "Llandeilo", "Cwmbran"
Index: data/nation/english.ruleset
--- data/nation/english.ruleset (revision 15659)
+++ data/nation/english.ruleset (working copy)
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
 cities =
- "Westminister",
+ "Westminster",
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@
- "Middlesborough",
+ "Middlesbrough",
Index: data/nation/british.ruleset
--- data/nation/british.ruleset (revision 15659)
+++ data/nation/british.ruleset (working copy)
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
- "Felixtowe",
+ "Felixstowe",
Index: data/nation/cornish.ruleset
--- data/nation/cornish.ruleset (revision 15659)
+++ data/nation/cornish.ruleset (working copy)
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
  traditionally the home of the legendary King Arthur.")
 leader =
- "Jonathen Trelawny",
+ "Jonathan Trelawny",
  "Thomas Flamank",
  "Michael Joseph",
  "William Bligh"
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