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Hello Madeleine,

sounds great! Thanks for the fast patch.


Madeline Book schrieb:
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>> [...@gdv.uni-hannover.de - Mon May 11 14:07:45 2009]:
>> Hi there,
>> this is a bug we stumble upon every couple of weeks:
>> Sometimes before the game starts, when you choose nation
>> and name, the nation and name of _another_ player is
>> changed instead. Example; Peter, Paul and Mary are logged
>> in and Peter chooses to be called english ruler "Peter the
>> 1st", may result in Mary becoming english with leader name
>> "Peter the 1st", usualy spreading "some" confusion ;)
>> I belive (without having looked at the code yet) that
>> the following might be the cause: We play with aifill
>> 17. Player A opens nation selection dialog. Player B
>> connects, removing an ai. Player A chooses his/her nation
>> with a now wrong player id.
> Thank you for the detailed report; you are exactly right
> with your guess, giving me the enough correct information
> to easily find and fix the problem.
> I have confirmed this bug in S2_1; trunk seems unaffected.
> The cause of this bug appears to be due to the nation
> picking dialog code assuming that players will never be
> renumbered between its invocation and closing (i.e. that
> player pointers are unique). This is not correct and it
> is made apparent when aifill is in effect (players may
> be renumbered when one is removed).
> The attached patch is a somewhat hackish workaround that
> uses player names to try and uniquely identify which
> player should be affected by the nation picking dialog.
> Some cursory testing shows that it avoids the reported
> issue.
> The solution is not terribly good since it just replaces
> one assumption (unique player pointers) with another
> (unique player names), but thankfully the design of
> player handling is already improved in trunk (i.e. no
> renumbering), so this temporary fix for the S2_1 branch
> will not need to be kept in the future.
>> PS: The guest account of rt web interface is not working ...
> Use the GNA bug tracker from now on:
> https://gna.org/bugs/?group=freeciv
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Division of Computer Graphics - Welfen Laboratory
Institute of Man-Machine-Communication
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